Principles and Aims

The Daniel Barenboim Stiftung supports intercultural dialogue through musical education and concerts. The Foundation strives to overcome frontiers and to contribute to important reforms and renewals. In this effort, music plays a key role: both as a universal language that can help to encourage mutual acceptance between people of profoundly different backgrounds and as an intuitive means of communication that has a major role to play in the prevention and reconciliation of conflicts.

Its major activities are the management of all aspects of the international tours of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, various music and education projects, mostly in the Middle East, and individual grant programs.

The Stiftung was established in 2008 by Daniel Barenboim as an institutional framework to provide support for a number of existing projects as well as to develop new initiatives within the scope of its mission. It has its principal seat in Berlin, where it is registered as a charitable foundation.

Daniel Barenboim

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West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

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